Why vote for Barry Bailey, Alberta Party for St. Albert?

I choose to run for the Alberta Party because it reflects my personal values. Values based on a reasonable, collaborative, balanced approach.  Values I like to think are similar in many ways to those of my fellow St. Albertans.

Honesty, community service, openness and respect for all opinions no matter whom you love, where you pray or where you come from.  Values rooted in respect for education and educators, health care, our seniors and our children.

  My values are not based on an ideology, advancing a political career or worse, my personal agenda. I don’t have to sacrifice my values at the cost of fiscal responsibility. The two are not mutually exclusive.

And we have a smart, experienced leader in Stephen Mandel that I’m proud to stand beside.

Ordinary, everyday Albertans are very concerned about their jobs, their health care, education and increasingly how their values as an Albertan will be represented in the Legislature.

Prosperity.  Fiscal Responsibility. Social Responsibility.  Sustainability. Democracy. Quality of life. These aren’t just our party slogans.  These are values and principles that I and the Alberta Party passionately believe in, the reason we exist. 

That’s why I’m asking for your vote. My job as your MLA will be to represent you,  St. Albert and all Albertans.  And you have my promise I’ll do just that.

Meet Barry Bailey, your Alberta Party candidate for St. Albert

Barry bailey for st. albert!

Testimonials - barry Bailey for St. Albert

Barry has been a champion of St. Albert for the past 20 years. As a small business owner to all of his volunteerism and community initiatives. He will be a great representative of St. Albert!

Rob LeLacheur

As a small business owner, it's amazing how much of his focus is beyond just business and is on supporting the arts community of St. Albert. As an artistic entrepreneur myself, it is heartening to see people like Barry supporting arts in St. Albert.

Phil Alain

He took a bold chance and started a music festival (Seven Music Fest) from scratch for our community. It was an amazing festival the past four years on Seven Hills and we're so glad Barry was the one to step up and make it a reality. 

Stephen Khan

Meet the Alberta Party

Tired of angry, divisive politics that seems hopelessly stuck in the past? The Alberta Party is a fresh, positive and creative approach to getting things done in Alberta.

We’re made up of problem-solvers and innovators who aim to tackle our challenges using real-world experience and practical solutions – not ideology or dogma.

We stand for fiscal responsibility – understanding our tax dollars aren’t unlimited and the need to be spent wisely on important public services.

We believe that Alberta is at its best when our fierce entrepreneurial spirit is being nurtured – not stifled – by government.

We protect human rights and value diversity and welcoming everyone to the table.

Lastly, the Alberta Party has a bold economic plan that ensures prosperity and opportunity for all.

Join us as we build an Alberta ready for the next century, together.

Now that you’ve met us, what does the Alberta Party stand for?